What is it all about ?

One way or the other, I have been blogging, podcasting, making films and using the internet to communicate for nearly 15  years here. From working with pan European collaborative groups, like EquiMar, through to the NHS, award winning journalists and community goups; my passion is to use the huge potential of technology to build new ways of connecting with new audiences.

The purpose of this site is to give a flavour of skills I have to offer. I have spent a lot of time working through communication strategies with business leaders, subject matter experts and communities of interest. Together, we've done the thinking and then done the execution. Take a look at some of the samples.  If you think I could help; contact me.

Finally, I hate po-faced websites. But, I hope, you've already guessed that.


A more recent update

That thing when you are too busy to write down how busy you've been. You know, that thing. I have come back to this blog to try and put down some of the activities, jobs and things which I seem to have forgotten to put in writing here. There's been knowledge transfer with Fintry Development Trust, annual films with the Saltire Society Housing Design Awards, a couple of films with the Institution of Civil Engineers here in Scotland, a number of film projects with local community groups, a 4 year stint as a digital artist in a resilience project based in a primary school, a current series of Vlogs around the issue of well being with a major banking group and involvement with a Dundee based startup. I think, that's about it.

To be honest, instead of self promotion, my modus operandi is to work with people and let quality of their finished product do the talking. The digital native may be more prevalent but they still need help from time to time. That's why I am here.

Delighted to share

Really delighted to share this short video I made about civil engineering projects around Scotland. Sponsored by the Saltire Society and the Institution of Civil Engineers Scotland; I filmed the various stakeholders of the short listed projects. They are all amazing and I was blown away by the enthusiasm of everyone involved. Enjoy.

Scotland in Reverse - this week's podcast


Sometimes it feels like Scotland gets into reverse gear. The recent decision by Muirfield Golf Club not to admit women seems retrograde. Especially after the evident change in public perception about, for example, the Scottish Government Cabinet gender balance. Lesley picks this topic up and develops a theme about gender imbalance across the new media, the BBC, and the ways it can be addressed.

We also touch on local campaigns, #handsoffgeorge , the Fife Ecology Centre among others. Lesley also highlights the case of the Cupar postie. Note to our listener, it is recorded outside and there is ambient noise.

Eurovision and the Named Person policy - this week's podcast


This week we try and make sense of Eurovision and also the 'Named Person' policy of the Scottish Government. Eurovision is a lot of fun and illustrates an intriguing ongoing appeal of the quirky; from music to voting.

The policy of 'Named Person' has flared up again following the reaction to last week's BBC Question Time from Aberdeen. It is a complex topic and requires a lot of knowledge to unpick its complexity. Or does it? Lesley has spent a couple of days writing about it and explains some of her thoughts.

Huw and the predominant party system - this week's podcast


In this week's podcast Lesley talks about her encounter with Huw Edwards on the TV. She also recounts the Electoral Reform Society meeting and its aftermath. She also mentions Affa Sair, and a forthcoming ball in Fife. Oh, and she name checks Obama too.

The Italian academic referred to is Giovanni Sartori. But you probably already knew that.